I landed in Canada on 29th December 2017. And in a few days, came a new year and a new life for me. I knew that it’d be a big change, but I never would have imagined how big it would be! I met new people, visited beautiful places, learned new skills, and discovered a whole new person within me.

As nothing worth having comes easy, so the privileges of becoming Canadian had me facing many challenges. For example, I struggled with homesickness, navigating a new culture, starting career from scratch, and in general being out of my comfort zone.

My journey to Canada was not motivated by any strong emotion: fear of anything bad or attraction of something extraordinary. This type of story is usually not told, as it doesn’t have the usual hero who is ‘overcoming obstacles’ or ‘achieving something out of this world’. So it is a story of an ordinary life and ordinary challenges like fighting boredom or overcoming the deadly black ice!


Now I’ve been in Canada for almost two years, and I’ve started to ‘get’ many of the things that confused me at the start. I plan to share my own journey and stories of other newcomers here. So, just sit back and read while I discover the perks and challenges of becoming a Canadian.