Becoming A Canadian

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I landed in Canada on 29th December 2017. And in a few days, came a new year and a new life for me. I knew that it’d be a big change, but I never would have imagined how big it would be! I got to meet lots of new people, visited beautiful places, learned new skills, and discovered a whole new person within me.

As nothing worth having comes easy, so the privileges of becoming Canadian had me facing many challenges. For example, I struggled with homesickness, navigating a new culture, starting career from scratch, and in general being out of my comfort zone.

Now I’ve been in Canada for almost one and a half year, and I’ve started to ‘get’ many of the things that confused me at the start. I plan to share my own journey and stories of other newcomers here. So, just sit back and read while I discover the perks and challenges of becoming a Canadian.

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